Pizza Luce Coupon Scandal

Pizza Lucé Coupon, originally uploaded by s4xton.

Aaron has uncovered what could turn into a South Minneapolis based class-action lawsuit against Pizza Luce:

I love how using a $1 coupon for Pizza Lucé gives you a 99¢ savings. A $2 coupon if I remember correctly gives you $1.98 in savings. I guess those pennies add up!

This is even bigger than the 20.21 neat drink surcharge fiasco!

5 thoughts on “Pizza Luce Coupon Scandal”

  1. Even worse…do the math on that receipt–12.40 – .99 does not equal 11.57…it is an 83 cent coupon!

    That adds up even faster than a penny a pizza.

  2. Actually, what you’re looking at is a typo versus a theft ring. Since Aaron eats so much pizza, he would know that a basic 12″ cheese is 9.19 and each additional topping is 1.69. When you add two toppings (pepperoni, garlic) your total comes up to be 12.57 before tax. Looks like Luce took the dollar off pre-tax (mighty nice of them) and then proceeded from the 11.57 listed on the tag. So while it may say 0.99, you’re actually getting over a 1.00 because it should not be pretax….

    Maybe before coming up with theories and class action suits, investing in some basic math skills would be a good endeavor

  3. Bob the Janitor, isn’t is funny how rude people can be when they’re posting anonymously?

    I believe the reason Pizza Luce took off the dollar before charging tax was because that’s how it’s legally done in Minnesota. I’m pretty sure manufacturer coupons are an exception to this, but this isn’t the case.

    I’ll avoid being rude to you after pointing out your error.

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