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Best Bike Shops in Minnesota

According to the folks at Boulder Sports Research:

  • Bokoo Bikes, Chanhassen, MN
  • Erik’s Bike Shop, Bloomington, MN
  • Freewheel Bike, Minneapolis, MN
  • Penn Cycle, Bloomington, MN

I’ve never heard of Bokoo. Freewheel has taken good care of me. Carly got her mountain bike there.

The Hub Bike Coop in Minneapolis is okay if you’re looking for commuting gear and don’t mind helping yourself. The service has been a bit underwhelming in the times I’ve been in there, but they come through with a wide selection of flashing taillights, biking shells, seats, etc., for the commuter crowd that are harder to find at other stores.

via Biking Bis.

5 thoughts on “Best Bike Shops in Minnesota”

  1. I second the Hub’s Awesomeness. And Freewheel? They might be an okay place as far as retail goes but they are complete morons as far a service goes. They broke all kinds of tools trying to transfer my old freewheel to a new Phil Wood hub (I purchased a new wheel from Rivendell at their recommendation) and then they told me that I was out of luck, couldn’t be done. I took it to the Hub and the guy got it on the first try. I won’t go back to Freewheel for service.

  2. We bought our bikes at Carlson Cycle on Minnehaha. They were pretty awesome. Great service with a few service perks and discounts. But we’re by no means hardcore bikers. We got us some of them hybrid mountiain bike/tourning bikes. I really want to get a tandem bike but the wife sees no awesomeness in this.

  3. So it appears that opinions vary: I had just about the worst service ever at Carlson Cycle on Minnehaha (and I mean in the history of all service ever provided to me). They seemed bitter with me that I was bothering them with my business. So I did them the favor of not returning, depite their proximity to my old house.

    The Hub gets mixed reviews based upon location: the shop on Minnehaha near Lake St. has mediocre service at best and I’m pretty sure that although I’m a lefty-liberal, they hated me because I look like a yuppie. (I felt the hate, no yuppie hate-speech was spoken). However, I received excellent service from a gentleman at the Cedar Ave. location on two occassions (another time I received mediocre service from someone else). As it stands, I’d probably go back to the Hub on Cedar, but I may have to seek out a locale in St. Paul and give them a shot. Any suggestions?

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