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5 thoughts on “Spin the Wheel of Food”

  1. I did 55406 and “bar” just to mix it up a bit for lunch. I ended up winning Herberts Bar & Restaurant on 601 Chicago Ave. I’ve never been. Maybe I’ll have to go now.

  2. …wait, that’s in 55415! It cheated! (and did it say Herberts? I forget… It’s really Huberts… like one of those H’s in the Metrodome next door).

  3. I did 55124 and food and ended up with El Azteca. Everytime we have eaten there we end up in the bathroom immediately afterward. Kim threw-up within minutes of leaving and we haven’t been back since.

    For some reason it’s been rated 4.5/5. I don’t understand.

  4. Hubert’s is near the bottom of my list of bars I’d consider going to pre-Metrodome. Maxwell’s is at the top of said list.

    Bill, thanks for the tip on El Azteca. I think I’ll stick to pounding Flax seed at home, where my bathroom trips will be more predictable.

  5. I’ve been working with Jim, the Wheel of Food’s developer recently to integrate it into, so now you can hopefully get better results from the wheel now, and you can even get a personalized wheel that includes only the restaurants on your personal list, if you’re a Hngry user (totally free!). Hopefully this will make the wheel more useful for all!

    Check out the blog post about it at

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