Big Roll vs. Small Roll

Big Roll vs. Small Roll, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Here’s something I can’t figure out. Why do some people go for the big roll over the small roll when there are two rolls to choose from for TP?

Why go for the larger roll when the smaller one works just fine?

I go for the smaller roll, assuming that it can be easily replaced when empty. Two half-used rolls could lead to throwing away perfectly good TP or, even worse, a TP shortage at one’s time of need.

I’d love to hear the perspective of a Big Roll user. What motivates you to break the unwritten rule of TP consumption?

4 thoughts on “Big Roll vs. Small Roll”

  1. LOL, Aaron.

    Another reason I support small roll rolling is eyeglass resting. I set my glasses on the larger roll when I have to blow my nose. This is serious stuff.

  2. Man, how hard do you blow that you have to remove your glasses?

    Big vs Little – for me, it is all about reach as very seldom are both rolls equi-distant to a convenient reach, some require twisting to get to the back roll and others a leaning reach to get to the front.

    I think the bigger question though is should the roll be mounted to unroll over the top or shoot out the bottom.

    Depending on the tp holder (and unroller), that can present quite a challenge, eh?

  3. Mike, when I blow, I blow for keeps.

    TP should come over the top of the roll rather than the bottom. That gives you more leverage and allows for fancy folding like you’ll see in hotels.

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