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Green (as in Eco) Gold

First, there were conflict-free diamonds from Canada (sometimes called Eskimo diamonds) marketed as an alternative to Blood Diamonds mined from African war zones. And now there is “Green Gold” that’s marketed as eco-friendly gold extracted from the Earth in relatively less damaging ways than traditional gold mining.
Thanks to The Other Mike for sending over this story from Treehugger.com:

Katherine Hamnett Goes For Green Gold (TreeHugger)

‘While it is possible to buy green gold now, it makes up a tiny percentage of jewellery on the market. We have seen moves towards change with the No Dirty Gold campaign, but still Greg Valerio understands that to change the environmentally damaging ways of the gold industry will take time. “I see this as a 15-year journey, at the end, it will have become completely socially unacceptable to buy jewellery that is not ethically and environmentally sound.” The Katherine Hamnett Jewellery range will be launched at London Fashion Week, 11-16 February and they will be available to buy at the end of the month.”

Given a choice, I’ll go with green gold the next time I buy something for “The Mrs.” I know she’d appreciate it and so would I.

One thought on “Green (as in Eco) Gold”

  1. You are correct, I would appreciate the eco-conscious Green Gold .

    Oh, is Valentine’s Day coming up next week??

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