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Religious Folks Becoming Greener

It’s great to see people coming together to solve a problem from a variety of different perspectives. If it takes a relationship with a God to make people treat the Earth with respect, that’s fine with me:

God is great, God is green

Across America, people of faith are taking the lead in the national conversation about global warming. To them, climate change is no joke, it’s a moral imperative. Jews, Roman Catholics, Protestants and evangelicals are sermonizing about threats to God’s green Earth, holding energy-reduction fairs and competitions, lobbying for lower carbon-dioxide emissions and broader use of wind power and biofuels, screwing energy-efficient bulbs into menorahs and installing solar panels next to the steeple.

“Global warming is harming God’s creation and God’s people,” said Kendra Brodin of the Plymouth Center for Progressive Christian Faith at Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis. “It’s wreaking havoc on the land and on human beings who are losing homes, jobs, safety, even their lives in storms, floods, droughts and heat waves.”

Another example of this is the hunters. Hunters are starting to realize that they’ll have more animals to kill if they protect wetlands and national forests. And hunters don’t like being lied to by administrations who reclassify highway ditches as wetlands. What funny is how many hunters think environmentalists are whackos, but the term conservationists is an acceptable term.

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