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Dan Savage’s Open Letter to Mary Cheney

Savage is on point as he berates Mary Cheney for the hypocrisy of her sudden expectation of privacy for her gay family after enabling gay bashing to score political points as she worked for her father’s campaign:

The Passion of Mary Cheney

You kept your mouth clamped shut when your father needed the political support of assholes like Dobson. And now that your dad is a despised lame-duck VP, dad’s gay-bashing political allies feel free to treat you with the same contempt with which they have long treated other gay and lesbians. And now you cry foul?

Cheney’s pregnancy and future family are going to move acceptance of gay families further to the right, which is a very good thing.

A lebsian couple lives on my block.

They have a son.

They don’t have family health coverage if they work as public employees of Tim Pawlenty.

They don’t deserve family health coverage if they listen to Michele Bachman.

The child is likely the dependent of only one of the two parents, so if one parent dies, it’s possible that the other mother who’s raised him would not receive custody of the child.

Mary Cheney knows this is absolutely insane, and Gay Jim Crow laws like “Domestic Partnerships” are nothing but discriminatory concessions by people who aren’t ready to accept people for what they are.

Cheney has press access, a great story to tell, and could change America’s thinking on issues like this a LOT faster than would otherwise happen if she cared to.

Will she? So far, sadly, no.

One thought on “Dan Savage’s Open Letter to Mary Cheney”

  1. I saw a headline a few days back based on Mary Cheney’s statement, if memory is correct, it was ‘This Child Is A Blessing’…but a blessing from who or what? Based on her political stances, isn’t she a religious-outcast gay person, how does she allow herself a God? Doesn’t her church ostracize her as her and her father’s politics desire?

    Seems pretty two-faced to me…how do they draw that line where it is okay for her, but not the rest of the gay world?

    The rest of the gay world cannot get equal access to health care, so who is footing the bill for her and her baby’s health care?

    And when that baby grows up and goes to school, will they make sure there are no gay teachers for their child?

    And when they all go to religion classes with their child, will they make sure the pastor sets their child straight on how it was born into one of those bad and evil gay families?

    Yet…this is what their politics demand of other gays…why, how, where is that fine line of reasoning to justify this discrimination that I am missing?

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