Bush Admits Global Warming Exists

This is the first time I know of that Bush openly admits that global warming exists:

NPR : Full Transcript: NPR Interview with President Bush

MR. WILLIAMS: Now, also in the State of the Union, you talked about the – quote here – “the serious challenge of global climate change.” Were you talking about global warming there?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Absolutely, and it’s a serious challenge. And one of the things that I am proud of is this administration has done a lot on advancing new technologies that will enable us to do two things – strengthen our economy, and at the same time, be better stewards of the environment. In 2002, I talked about an energy efficiency standard, which says new technologies will enable us to grow our economy, and at the same time, improve the environment, and we’re meeting certain standards that I set for the country.

I’ve been working on a theory that American intellect and tolerance move to the left over time. Imagine a bell curve where people who believe scientists know what they’re talking about when it comes to global warming are on the left, and anti-science folks are on the right. At this point, I think America is well past the peak of the bell curve and moving right with Bush’s position being the dividing line today (acknowledge global warming exists but don’t actually do anything about it). To the right of Bush is right-wing radio hosts like Minneapolis’ Jason Lewis on KTLK and his listeners, Michael Crichton and people who believe the crap he wrote in his book on this subject, and Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

The right side of the bell curve continues to get smaller.

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