6 thoughts on “Best Dried Fruit”

  1. How *dare* you say such a horrifying thing!! Dried apricots are one of my favorite things… and if it weren’t for all that fiber, I would eat them all the time. I even like them better than non-dried apricots. So, there! You have dried apricots that you don’t want to eat… pass them over to me!

  2. Ed, I happen to disagree with your list… submitting my own personal list for your perusal:

    Pineapple (only the organic variety, not that sugary crap that no longer resembles a pineapple)



    P.S. Jeff is standing over my shoulder insisting I add sun-dried tomatoes to the “worst” list. (While legally a vegetable, I guess it is still, botanically speaking, a fruit.)

  3. It’s great to know that I don’t have to throw dried appricots out the window with you two dried apricot lovers around.

    Sarah, we have common ground on papayas, prunes, and applies. I happen to like the sugary crap pineapple (and the organic stuff). Dates also fall my worst category.

  4. Why are grapes and plums so special that their dried varieties get new names? Why don’t we do this for all dried fruits? Shouldn’t a dried apple be called something other than just a dried apple? Or conversely, why not just called a dried grape a dried grape, and a dried plum a dried plum?

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