TVsnacks, Hamm’s, and Blogrolls

I’ve added TVsnacks to my blogroll. It’s surely one of the top-5 blogs in Eagan. Anne’s off to a great start in the blogosphere, leaving her hubby, Kirk, in the post volume dust.

The commentary on Hamm’s at The Nook is pretty awesome. It’s great hearing about how Anne spent her childhood singing beer commercials. Anne, this is for you:

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2 thoughts on “TVsnacks, Hamm’s, and Blogrolls”

  1. You wouldn’t even believe the smile that came to my face when I watched this video…Thanks! Incidentally, I read that Hamm’s stopped using the bear shortly after Joe Camel got the boot. They were worried about lawsuits accusing them of marketing to children. Huh. Funny that I can recite almost all the lyrics to a commercial I haven’t seen for 25 years but it wasn’t until last Saturday that I had a Hamm’s for the first time ever. Then again, as soon as I saw the bear on the tap at the Nook I got really thirsty.

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