Hillary Clinton says, “Let the Conversation Begin”

Hillary Clinton has kicked off her presidential campaign with an online video. That’s certainly the trend, with Edwards and Obama taking the same approach to getting their message across. However, Edwards and Obama did something Clinton hasn’t done so far, which explains why both of the posts I made about their announcements contains videos while this one doesn’t: Clinton’s announcement video isn’t sharable from her site, and isn’t available on YouTube or any other site I could find.

That’s just dumb. The number of viewers gained – for free – by syndicating content to other sites is not something to take lightly. In fact, I bet most of you reading this won’t click through to watch Clinton’s announcement video, but at least some of you would have watched it if I embedded it directly into this page.

If you DO happen to watch it, take some Dramamine first. For some reason, the person running the camera likes swaying the shots back and forth for no good reason.  Either that, or it was show on a boat made to look like a home’s living room.

In this case, we have two delivery issues (non-sharable video and weird camera work) taking away from an otherwise well-delivered message.

5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton says, “Let the Conversation Begin””

  1. At this point, I’d say that Edwards followed closely by Obama has the best online video team. They know how to create and distribute messages via the web.

    I think the unedited (although probably done in more than one take) videos used by Obama and Edwards are more powerful than the sliced and diced message Clinton’s team created.

  2. It’s stupid that she didn’t post her video on YouTube. Your post inspired me to rip it with Snapz Pro X and put it up myself. Here it is!
    Greetings from the Netherlands 🙂

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