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Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton Web Stats

Hitwise is a service that aggregates Internet traffic to look for marketing trends. It’s pretty powerful stuff. Bill Tancer from Hitwise blogs about interesting and timely stats he mines from their data and pulled together some interesting stats comparing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama based on search traffic for their names. Check out the post for a lot of interesting nuggets.

One I found particularly interesting shows which states each candidate is strongest in based on search volume for their names:

Bill Tancer – Hitwise US: Obama versus Clinton – Barack Advantage in Key States

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton
New York
New Jersey

That’s very interesting, since Ohio, Florida, and Michigan are all important battleground states and Obama may have an edge in each.  MO is also a battleground state and leans toward Clinton. I’m sure either candidate could take large blue states like NY, IL, and CA, so they’re less important from an electoral college standpoint. Hawaii and Kansas probably won’t be the deciding states.

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