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Bush’s Illegal War Hurts Minnesotans

I’m still catching up on local news after returning from Las Vegas. It really sucks to hear that our Minnesota National Guard troops are going to be stuck in Iraq for even longer dealing with the mess Bush created:

MPR: Minnesota National Guard mission in Iraq extended

About 2,600 Minnesota National Guard troops will be staying in Iraq longer than they expected.

The Minnesota soldiers in the 1st Brigade, 34th Infantry Division, were supposed to come home in March after a year-long deployment, but they will stay longer as part of the president’s plan to increase the number of U.S. troops in Iraq.

Keep in mind that a year long deployment is actually much longer than a year, because they don’t count time spent training or rotating in/out of Iraq in that year. It’s only boots on the ground time, as I understand it.

I just hope the strain of this type of news in all 50 states will somehow act as a catalyst for bringing this war to an end. We’ve already lost. How much longer will it be before Bush and Rice are willing to come to terms with the disaster they’ve created?

2 thoughts on “Bush’s Illegal War Hurts Minnesotans”

  1. There was a pretty Letter to the Editor in the Strib today:

    “A “surge” of 20,000 troops into Baghdad? Imagine a half-filled Metrodome. Not many people to be spread out across a city more populous than the Twin Cities area. I fear this escalation will not accomplish anything except to get more of our young people killed and mutilated.


    This is all so bleak. Twenty thousand soliders is a lot of lives and families being changed for the worse, and it is a lot of soldiers who will face death.

    But is also an insignificant amount of help in this war.

    It is basically a very shitty number. Too many soliders and their families will suffer and too few soldiers are going over to help.

  2. Didn’t you hear, the new secretary of defense says the impact of these extended tours will be insignificant (or some such spin).

    Spoken like a true autocrat.

    Let them eat cake…is it yellowcake, or whatever roadside bombs are made of these days.

    It’s part of the ‘git em over there’ theory of managing the military, I suppose the more that die over there, will be the more they will not have to fund VA benefits over here later.

    Trust me, they have it all worked out, we are just incapable of understanding their massively superior strategery of their brains.

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