Las Vegas Taxi Line

Las Vegas Taxi Line, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Vegas knows how to move people. Check out this line for taxis at the airport. It looks horrible, but with 19 taxi queues, things moved pretty darn fast.

They also know how to move money out of people’s wallet’s here. I haven’t spent any money yet, but still feel like my wallet is thinner.

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  1. McCarran Airport in Las Vegas is the number one destination airport in the world (more people end their route). The taxi stand at McCarran is the busiest taxi stand in the world, with an average of 8600 taxi pick-ups per day in 2005 (no figures for 2006 yet). It is the 7th busiest in the world and 4th busiest in the country.

    The picture shows only one of the two lines. Over 15 taxis pick up at the front of each line at a time. The day before CES was probably about 13K to 14K taxi loads. The amazing thing is that nobody gets run over and the taxis don’t hit each other.

    Time Tip: Skip to the front of the taxi line by paying a skycap $20 (more if you have lots of big bags.)

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