Compact Florescent Lightbulb Packaging

Compact Fluorescent 27 Watt Spiral, 100 Watt Equivalent, 5100K Full SpectrumSeth’s Godin raises a good point about compact florescent lightbulbs. Why is the packaging so crappy?

“Lightbulbs are simple. Lightbulbs come in simple packaging. They represent a trivial decision. You need a sixty watt bulb, you buy one. Cheap, please.

CF lightbulbs, on the other hand, didn’t used to be cheap (they used to cost $10. Now it’s $2). Far worse than that, they come in horrible packaging, packaging that belies the entire point of the exercise. Installing a CF lightbulb isn’t jokeworthy. It’s harder.”

I imagine some of the first people to be motivated to install CF bulbs would be environmentally conscious types. So why the heck would you try selling them bulbs packaged in ridiculous plastic shells?

There’s gotta be a better way.

I think the wattage conversions could also be more clear. Yes, they display the differences, but this stuff needs to be SIMPLE as can be.

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  1. Hey, we have a Wal-Mart in the urban core. Check Midway in St. Paul.

    That is pretty cool that Wal-Mart is pushing this. CF bulbs last longer than their greeters.

    Damn, I haven’t been in a Wal-Mart in a long time. I think the last time was in around 1999 to pick up some stuff for a college friend’s wedding registry. Can’t make that up.

  2. I haven’t been to a WalMart since college, where my school was located in a small Iowa town. As you can imagine, the WalMart was three miles outside of downtown by the interstate. And as you might predict, the downtown was hurting for business.

  3. hey, let’s stay on topic, here… the packaging for these bulbs can be crappy. Often they are enclosed in a large blister pack using lots of plastic. They are difficult to open and aren’t recyclable and so on…there has to be a better way indeed. Im a design student in Toronto and we’re working on it as a project…im interested in any approaches that work well. Sometimes they come in corrugated boxes holding four to six units which is getting there…but im looking to design a better one. I need some specs on how these bulbs are strong and where their weaknesses lie… But in response to these walmart ones…im afraid of it and i avoid it. CP.

  4. Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by. Keeping things on topic here isn’t easy. Thanks for setting us straight.

    I’d like to see packaging that has perforations so it’s easier to remove a light bulb without risking breaking it. The packaging should should also clearly state the traditional wattage conversion so people can buy with confidence.

  5. I too have been looking into packaging CLF’s. I feel that they may be in those hated plastic containers because of safety precautions due to the mercury found in them. It sounds like they may come in corrugated boxes tho? I need to run into a walmart or home depot to check. But the majority I’ve seen/purchased were in the plastic.

    Does anyone know of the necessary precautions when packaging lightbulbs…CLF’s in particular?

    Here’s a link I found for a clever CLF package idea.

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