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30-Day Challenges: 30 Days of Pork?

Carly and I are planning a series of 30-day challenges in 2007. It seems like a long enough time to challenge oneself to some form of life-changing habit, but tolerably long for those that turn out to suck. For example, Carly and I just wrapped up 30 days without soda, which was surprisingly easy. Chances are pretty good that I won’t go back to drinking anywhere near the soda I drank before (~6 cans a day).

We haven’t decided what 30-day challenges we’re going to try yet, but have some ideas. Somehow, I don’t think this one will make the list for Carly:

Serious Eats: 30 Days of Pork

Amanda Kelso was a 12-year veteran of vegetarianism when she went AWOL. She blames pork. “Bacon was a temptress to me,” she says in her 30 Days of Pork series on photo-sharing site Flickr.

Bacon is a temptress for me too. Just last Friday I enjoyed bacon wrapped little wieners. What a delicacy of pork-on-pork goodness those are.

What would you recommend for 30-day challenges? The theme is to do lifestyle improving things, so things like dining choices, exercise goals, friendship related, etc., are what we have in mind. Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “30-Day Challenges: 30 Days of Pork?”

  1. I could do no fries or chips. No problem. I may have to work that one in. In fact, during my veg. phase, I was probably pretty close to being off fries since they’re rarely served with veg. entrees.

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