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Cooper, Minneapolis Rocks for Holiday Lights

Aaron Landry blogged about this a while back, and I finally got around to checking it out last night. A house at 41st Ave S & 32nd St E has Christmas lights choreographed to Christmas songs. They have an FM station set up for visitors to tune in the music rather than forcing their neighbors to put up with the tunes. Here is 30 seconds taken on my Treo from the car:

I like the giggling in the car. Clearly, we were enjoying the show. Thanks to our local Clark Griswold, we’re really have the holiday spirit now.

3 thoughts on “Cooper, Minneapolis Rocks for Holiday Lights”

  1. Regarding the clip in the video: “I bet Aaron Landry is pretty happy about this…”

    The only point it gets annoying is when there’s 20 cars lined up down the streets, they block the intersection and they decide to applaud and/or honk horns after songs. Otherwise it hasn’t been bad.

  2. Aaron, you should start selling hot chocolate. You could have sold four cups to us last night.

    I think someone should shoot out the street light on the corner. That would make the light show even better.

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