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Urban Dictionary Gems

Two gems from Urban Dictionary:


Proving your patriotism by hating the people the government tells you to hate.

Well, I guess they’ve added a new country to the list of our enemies. I better hate them, too, if I’m going to prove my hatriotism.


The act of changing a colleague’s desktop wallpaper to display the manly physique of David Hasselhoff.

Dear God man! I leave my workstation for a few moments to visit the big boys room and you’ve Hasselhoffed me!

Hasselhoffing really exists. I happened to mention Hasselhoffing to Ben of earlier today, and coincidentally, my desktop looked like this after returning from lunch:


I figure it’s purely coincidental since Ben claims to be too busy to post to his blog on anything approaching a regular basis, so there’s no way he’d have time for Hasselhoffing.

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