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Sport Beans Prevent Bonking

Sports BeansJelly Belly has finally come out with a product for endurance athletes who are trying to prevent bonking on a long run or ride. Sports Beans to the rescue.

What makes them different from regular Jelly Belly’s? Well, the colors and flavors are less fun, which is appropriate for serious athletes. Could you take yourself seriously in a marathon while popping popcorn flavored Sports Beans?

Calorie-wise, they appear to be exactly the same (100 calories per ounce) as their non-sports relatives. They happen to be slightly higher is sodium and potassium, so maybe the electrolyte boost will save the heavy sweaters out there?

There is one ingredient missing from Sports Beans that’s found in Gatorade, Ultima, and just about every other energy product for endurance athletes. In fact, it’s clearly the most important ingredient, yet Sports Beans left it out. Any idea what that is?

5 thoughts on “Sport Beans Prevent Bonking”

  1. I can’t help buy picture someone just dying at 20 miles along E River Road at the TC Marathon wondering, “I don’t know what’s happening. I’ve been pounding Sports Beans the entire way!”

  2. Yeah, doubled over with muscle cramps too, it wouldn’t be pretty.

    I always wondered if it was just me, but deeper into the marathon, the sports drink always tasted more and more like syrup, thicker and stronger. You ever have that feeling?

  3. I’ve never experienced that feeling, but I suppose if you’re body is getting dehydrated while you continue consuming a beverage that’s presumably at a consistent concentration, it may seem stronger.

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