City Squirrels Study

Some folks down in Chicago are researching the behavior of the often seen but rarely researched rodent:

But squirrels have their shortcomings.

Sometimes they forget where they buried their nuts, although Brown said their sensitive noses allow them to sniff out ones hidden by their neighbors.

And while someone once swore to Brown that squirrels look both ways before crossing the street, they’re apparently looking for something other than cars. Robert McCleery, who completed his dissertation at Texas A&M on urban and suburban squirrels, outfitted squirrels with radio transmitter collars and found that 80 percent of them died under the tires of a car or truck.

What I’d like to know is why they can’t leave our pumpkins alone:


What can be done to make city squirrels stick to nuts rather than viewing non-squirrel food as a tasty meal? Do you have squirrel-eating-pumpkin issues in your neighborhood? Maybe it’s something unique with South Minneapolis city squirrels.

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