Posting YouTube Videos to WordPress Blogs

It turns out that it’s not all that easy to post YouTube videos to WordPress blogs by default. Basically, the editor screws up the embed codes.

Here’s a good solution: the Anarchy Media Player plugin for WordPress lets you link to the pages containing the file you want to embed and takes care of the rest. Load the plug into your plugins folder, edit the config file with the location of your blog, then you’re done. You’ll not see a Flash embed icon on your post edit toolbar. Click that, enter the link to YouTube or other popular online video sites, and you’re done. Pretty slick.

2 thoughts on “Posting YouTube Videos to WordPress Blogs”

  1. No offense, what you say sounds doable, but being a newbie, “how do you do that”? I’ve had a computer since 1993, but I am still lost. For this to work for me, I need a DETAILED description of EVERY single click.

    Please, do NOT say “do this”without giving a detailed description cause then, I’m lost again…

  2. That’s a bold request for free advice. Perhaps someone will offer to answer your specific questions for free but it won’t be me.

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