Coconut Milk Rice

I went to a Malaysian restaurant called Banana Leaf for dinner tonight in Milpitas, CA, based on a recommendation from a new friend, Anand Iyer. Great eats. Thanks, Anand. This is a place I never would have picked without a recommendation since it’s stuck in the middle of chain store hell next to Applebee’s and every other chain you find in every suburb in America.

I went with the Rendang Beef based on our waitress’ recommendation with a side of coconut milk rice. I believe this is the second time I’ve had coconut milk with the first time being paired with shrimp tempura in Belize at the Banyan Bay Resort. Basically, if you haven’t tried coconut rice, find a way to make it happen.

One thought on “Coconut Milk Rice”

  1. Hey Ed,

    I’m glad you liked it. After I recommended the place to you yesterday, I realized it’d been a while since i’d eaten there myself. So I went and got me some Banana Leaf today 🙂

    If I would’ve known that you were definitely going, I would’ve recommended a few favorites, like the “Mee Goreng”, but there’s always next time.

    Anyhoo… It was great meeting you and the rest of the crew. Safe travels!


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