Hey Bobby Eberle, Could We See Some More Honest Analysis?

Mr. Eberle, I was just wondering if they reason for a reduction in abortions could have something to do with factors OTHER than the pro-life movement’s insistance on making decisions effecting other women’s uteruses? Could the reason for less abortions have something to do with:

More use of contraception?

Imagine living in a world where people can have a fulfilling sexual life outside of procreation! Welcome to the world preferred by the majority of Americans.

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A look at abortion statistics is another reason to see hope. Although a tragic 1.3 million abortions are still occurring each year, the numbers have declined steadily from the early 1990s. As Rod D. Martin notes in America: Choosing Life?, “Vast numbers who were “pro-choice� before the partial-birth abortion debate have come to see the pro-life light, and — for the first time since Roe — a clear majority of America’s women reject the idea of a legal “right� to kill one’s own child.�

So it’s quite possible that the results you reported had absolutely NOTHING to do with the pro-life movement’s actions. So, be sure you understand what influenced the numbers before you draw irrational conclusions for your readers.

Show your readers some respect by giving them a fair and balanced analysis of the news.

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