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Baseball Stadiums are Moneymakers?

Bill Erickson, from Crookston claims baseball stadiums are moneymakers. If that was the case, why wouldn’t someone worth billions build their own stadium? Don’t you think a banker knows a good investment when he sees one?

Another reason why this can’t be the case is the fact that you NEVER hear a pro-stadium backer, including Twins management, local sports writers, or fans make a financial case for building the stadium. If they could they clearly would, because it would have the most sway with the city, county and state.

Instead, they stick to making emotional pleas and pathetic threats about how poor the quality of life would be for Minnesotans if we didn’t have a professional baseball team. And somehow, that justifies the public expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars?

Mr Erickson, if it’s a good investment, get together the money to build the stadium yourself along with other private investors. Build it, then rent it to the Twins. Do you think it would be a good investment with your OWN money?

It’s a moneymaker

My family and I have gone 600 miles round trip to the Twins games. If this spineless state government, including the governor, cannot keep the Twins in this state, I will oppose any business or farm subsidy.

The stadium makes money, period! The “overpaid players” will pay state taxes. Even the opposing teams’ players (think A-Rod). I would rather support the Twins than Northwest Airlines.


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