Juan Cole Comments on What Kind of Democracies are Being Born

I think Bush may correlate the term Democracy with Christian Fundamentalist Democracy like we have in the US today. Of course, if our Christian fundamentalists had their way, we wouldn’t live in a democracy either: it would be a theocracy like the ones winning electoral support in the Middle East.

Informed Comment

…the elections that Bush trumpets in all four countries, and in Palestine, which he did not mention in this regard, were rebukes to Bush, not affirmations of him. The Afghans elected warlords, the Iraqis put in the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq and Muqtada al-Sadr’s people (the ones who killed Cindy Sheehan’s son) along with the Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood and some Baathists. The Shiite parties of Hizbullah and Amal have new weight in Lebanon. The fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt got 88 seats, an unprecedentedly large number.

These elections were Middle Eastern referendums on Bush, and he lost every one hands down. Bush’s main accomplishment in the Middle East since 9/11 has been to strengthen Muslim fundamentalist parties everywhere in the region.

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