Bush to Promote Energy Saving Technology? Ha ha ha ha ha

Look no further than Bush’s 2003 state of the union address where he claimed he proposed:

President Bush
announced a $1.2 billion hydrogen fuel initiative to reverse America’s
growing dependence on foreign oil by developing the technology for
commercially viable hydrogen-powered fuel cells to power cars, trucks,
homes and businesses with no pollution or greenhouse gases. The
hydrogen fuel initiative will include $720 million in new funding over
the next five years to develop the technologies and infrastructure to
produce, store, and distribute hydrogen for use in fuel cell vehicles
and electricity generation. Combined with the FreedomCAR (Cooperative
Automotive Research) initiative, President Bush is proposing a total of
$1.7 billion over the next five years to develop hydrogen-powered fuel
cells, hydrogen infrastructure and advanced automotive technologies.

We haven’t heard much about that over the past three years. But more money than that is unaccounted for in the Iraq debacle.

Bush to Promote Fuel-Saving Technologies

Trying to calm anxieties about soaring energy costs, President Bush is using his State of the Union address this week to focus on a package of energy of proposals aimed at bringing fuel-saving technologies out of the lab and into use.

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