Mr. President, Is it Patriotic to Outsource American Jobs?

Why does President Bush reward companies for moving their headquarters off-shore? Why does our tax system reward companies for taking jobs away from Americans?:

Patriot Corporations
“If you want to make Americans of all stripes mad, tell them about the billions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks our government gives to companies that outsource jobs, exploit workers (both here and overseas) and dodge taxes. Tell them about Accenture, for example, which advises other companies how to outsource jobs overseas while avoiding its fair share of tax payments by incorporating offshore in Bermuda. Yet like many other US corporations, Accenture continues to qualify for tax breaks, and it currently has more than $500 million in government contracts–courtesy of taxpayers.”

The article includes tips on how tax incentives could be changed to reward companies for making patriotic business decisions.

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