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Catholic Schools Steal Children’s Innocence

A few local (St Paul / Minneapolis) Catholic parents seem to find something to fear around every corner. Their latest nightmare involves Catholic school curriculum involving child safety and touching. While most reasonable and sane people would assume that Catholic school curriculum on an issue like this is designed to teach children the difference between good and bad touches, this particular group of concerned Catholic parents think their :

In this Archdiocese they have yet to inform parents exactly what “child safety” curriculum will be used for the 2006-07 school year. Parents need to be vigilant! The children’s curriculum they choose could very well be one of the problematic, age in-appropriate programs such as: CHILD LURES; TALKING ABOUT TOUCHING; GOOD TOUCH -BAD TOUCH, etc.

Parents be sure to stay alert – your children’s innocence may be in danger!

May God bless you and yours during this beautiful Christmas season!

What really makes this interesting to me is Colleen’s over-the-top concern about what’s being taught in Catholic Schools. Apparently, the Catholic Schools falling under the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis is either attempting to molest the children sent to their schools, or turn them into young whores. It’s not entirely clear how exactly they plan to take away their pupil’s innocence.

I’m not a parent, nor am I familiar with the the various “Good Touch – Bad Touch” programs being taught today. However, that doesn’t stop me from believing that a person who believes the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minnesota is planning on stealing their pupil’s innocence is not a member of the reality based community.

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