Ed Kohler’s Personality via Autocomplete

Want to learn something about yourself? Go up to address bar and type in the letter A and see what site autocompletes. Then do it for B, C, etc. After 26 letters, you’ll have a list like the one below, telling you something about what type of sites you frequent. Here’s an example:

Bloglines wins! My addiction.

The list below comes from my work computer. What does it say about me? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

I noticed that my Treo phone’s autocomplete list is significantly different. I don’t use retail or photo sites on my phone unless I count Froogle for the occasional price check. I do check blogs through mobile bloglines. And I use Dodgeball.com rather than Digg as my most popular D.

Give it a try. What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about me?

5 thoughts on “Ed Kohler’s Personality via Autocomplete”

  1. Personality via Autocomplete

    I saw this on Randy’s blog, who got it from Kd Kohler – Personality via Autocomplete.

  2. I used to turn that feature off as I find it sometimes annoying, privacy-sacrificing. After I have read this, I turned it on. I believe I have to wait for a while to know about my internet-reflected personality 🙂

  3. Mag, it’s not really a privacy issue unless you share your computer with others. If you do, it certainly could be. But otherwise you’re only protecting yourself from . . . yourself.

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