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Powerline Blog’s Clueless Paul

Paul Mirengoff’s comments on Joe Biden’s Iraq strategy:

Power Line: Clueless Joe: “What we have in Iraq is an armed conflict, not a government program. In this context, timetables and schedules should not dictate events; rather events must dictate timing. But this reality is beyond the comprehension of clueless Joe Biden and most of his fellow Democrats.”

Does the success of the Iraqi elections effect the timetable? Would that be an example of an event or a timetable? After all, who set the schedule for the elections? Who determines if they’re a success?

Cheney on November 21st:
“A precipitous withdrawal from Iraq would be a victory for the terrorists, an invitation to further violence against free nations, and a terrible blow to the future security of the United States of America,” Cheney said.

That’s an interesting comment from Cheney, considering that it’s completely out of touch with the Iraqi government that’s called for the withdrawal of US Troops:

Shiite, Kurdish, and Sunni leaders put aside their mutual differences the other day and released a communique calling for “the withdrawal of foreign troops on a timetable,” and Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Jabr said U.S.-led forces should be poised to leave his country by the end of 2006.

Does that make the Iraqi government with the terrorists?

For me, the key criteria for withdrawal is whether the justification for war still exists.

Is Iraq today an imminent threat to the United States? Do we have to worry about the mushroom cloud Condi Rice made us believe threatened our country? Are we going to be gassed by Saddam? No, no, and no. So if the justification & threat to America no longer exists, why are we still there?

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