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Right-wing lovers of Left-Wing Musicians

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty made some news during the Vote for Change tour due to his conflicting love for Bruce Springsteen and his own political ideology.

Now we have Scott Johnson over at Powerline Blog fawning over Neil Young, who performed with Bruce on that tour, including the stop at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul:

Power Line: Tonight’s the night…: “Neil Young turns 60. Here is a guy who emerged, much like Van Morrison and Richard Thompson, as a fully formed artist pursuing his own muse from his first recordings in the 1960’s.”

Could someone explain to me how this works? Do they like the music, but ignore the lyrics? Do they listen to Karaoke tracks of Bruce & Neil rather to avoid the lyrics?

Personally, I can’t imagine going to a concert of a mainstream right-wing performer such as Clint Black or Toby Keith.

Does this seem strange to you too?

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