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Physician Assisted Suicide: Merciful or a Drug?

John Cole has a strong and well reasoned take on the pro-life crowd’s strange stance on allowing people to die without pain:

For whatever reason, vocal advocates within the ‘pro-life’ community are against assisted suicide, but are also against adequate pain treatment- or at least the real worry is that dying patients might get addicted to pain medicine. The attitude of some, it seems, is that you are supposed to die, in pain, helpless, desperate, and without proper relief, because that is how Christ would have wanted you to go.

And that sends me into what can only be described as a volcanic rage.

As I understand it, states rights are important for school boards that want to discriminate, businesses who want below poverty minimum wages, and taxpayers who don’t want to provide even minimum medical care to its citizens. But states rights are a bad thing for states that don’t want to mandate school prayer, want to respect the rights of gay couples to marry, and want to allow people to die in peace.

Why do I get the feeling that the right-wing is attempting to legislate their religious beliefs on America?

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