Andy Brehm: Don’t shortchange Americans’ generous aid to world

Apparently, Andy Brehm thinks is generous to spend $16.2 billion on aid, in the same year we spent $365 billion on the Pentagon and an additional $62.4 billion destroying Iraq.

Andy Brehm: Don’t shortchange Americans’ generous aid to world: “According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the U.S. government sent $16.2 billion abroad in 2003.”

“When President Bush on Jan. 5 announced our government’s financial commitment to help tsunami victims, for example, Americans had already eclipsed that number on their own.”

Sounds impressive, but it’s actually quite pitiful that our president couldn’t take time away from his vacation to react to the disaster (but could make an emergency flight to DC to sign a bill on behalf of Terri Shiavo’s parents).

ABC News: U.S. Boosts Tsunami Aid Tenfold to $350M: “The newly announced aid came after some critics claimed that the initial U.S. contribution of $35 million was meager considering the vast wealth of the nation.

France has promised $57 million, Britain has pledged $95 million, Sweden is sending $75.5 million and Spain is offering $68 million, although that pledge is partly in loans.”

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