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Minnesota’s Republican Party as Evil as Florida

Does this sound like a message from someone interested in allowing everyone in Minnesota have a fair chance to exercise his or her constitutional right to vote? To me, this sounds like a not-so-veiled attempt to sway Minnesota’s election judging with highly partisan Republican judges. It’s simply outrageous to see the chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota coordinating such underhanded behavior. (Emphasis added below.)

As we saw in 2000, the fair use of election laws by election workers can have a significant impact who leads our nation and state. Passage of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) has created many new changes in how elections are conducted, making Election Judges even more important to Republican success in 2004. To help ensure fair elections we need you to get involved today and sign up as an Election Judge.

The responsibility of the Election Judge is to assist in conducting the balloting in the polling place. Judges are appointed on partisan basis from lists provided by the State or Local Party Units to the County Auditors. Judges must reside in the County, but not necessarily the precinct or city, in which they are serving as a judge. There are more than 4,000 precincts in Minnesota and the State Party would like to assure there are two Republican Election Judges in each precinct.

Election Judges are paid by the county, and employers are required to provide leave for their employees to serve in this civic role. You can view more detailed information and sign-up at: or call the Republican Party of Minnesota headquarters for more information at 651-842-0100. Once appointed, the County and the 72 Hour Task Force will conduct trainings for Election Judges on Election Day operations and Minnesota election law in order to ensure that all legal ballots are counted. Please sign up TODAY if you are interested in becoming an Election Judge in your County.

Ensuring that every eligible voter has the right to vote is critical to Republican success in 2004.


Ron Eibensteiner Chairman

Republican Party of Minnesota

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