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Recalling a time when setbacks didn’t deter us

Mark Steyn on the Chicago Sun Times is forced to ignore reality to make his politically motivated Bush apologist point in his May 30th column. His biggest oversight is the fact that liberals HAVE supported justifiable wars, which sets them apart from conservatives, who are willing to kill people without justification.

In recent history, this explains the difference in support for the war in Afghanistan, which received unanimous support from the entire Senate, and only one dissenting ballot in the House, and the war in Iraq, which Bush had to lie to the legislative branch, all of America in the State of the Union, and the entire world through the United Nations to justify.

Taking that into consideration, comparing the current unjustified war in Iraq to the Revolutionary, French Indian, or Civil Wars is a desperate attempt by a Bush apologist to justify a use of the US military for corporate enrichment.

Recalling a time when setbacks didn’t deter us: “There is something not just ridiculous but unbecoming about a hyperpower 300 million strong whose elites — from the deranged former vice president down — want the outcome of a war, and the fate of a nation, to hinge on one freaky jailhouse; elites who are willing to pay any price, bear any burden, as long as it’s pain-free, squeaky clean and over in a week. The sheer silliness dishonors the memory of all those we’re supposed to be remembering this Memorial Day.

Playing by Gore-Kennedy rules, the Union would have lost the Civil War, the rebels the Revolutionary War, and the colonists the French and Indian Wars. There would, in other words, be no America. Even in its grief, my part of New Hampshire understood that 141 years ago. We should, too. “

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