TIME.com: The Case for a War Tax – on Gas — Apr. 19, 2004

A political hot potato? Yes. But also a good example of the type of pain this country needs to endure to understand the true cost of war, driving excessively gas guzzling vehicles, and the cost of government in general.

TIME.com: The Case for a War Tax – on Gas — Apr. 19, 2004: “The case for a gas tax is a straightforward one. Gas prices are strikingly lower in America than anywhere else in the world; such taxes are relatively easy to collect; since an overwhelming majority of Americans drive, few avoid the tax; and by adding a cost to the wanton consumption of gasoline, you actually encourage conservation, accelerate fuel efficiency, reduce pollution, cut traffic and help wean Americans off the oil that requires the U.S. to be so intimately involved in that wonderful cesspool of rival hatreds, the Middle East. So what’s not to like?”

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