Tom Prichard: One of Minnesota’s Top Bigots

Here’s one of Minnesota’s top bigots:

Tom Prichard – President, Minnesota Family Council / Minnesota Family Institute

This guy thinks the best way to defend marriage is to keep people from getting married. What a strange concept.

Mr. Prichard quotes James Wilson on his web site: “As James Wilson, signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, said, ‘The family is the principal of the community…As its establishment is the source, so its happiness is the end, of every institution of government which is wise and good.'”

That sure sounds like a great justification for extending the basic civil right or marriage to all adults in this state and country.

To see Michelle Bachman deliver her nutcase justification for discriminating against her fellow Minnesotans, check out the URL below:

The hypocrisy in her argument is almost overwhelming. For example, she thinks “The Family” is a key to a great Minnesota, yet she wants to ban same sex couples who have adopted and are raising children from becoming a legally recognized family through marriage. If she was really interested in supporting families, she would support same sex marriage and ban divorce?

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