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Sean Hannity’s Blame-Clinton for 9/11 Strategy

I caught a little Sean Hannity this afternoon where he was doing everything he could to blame 9-11 on Bill Clinton because, as Ann (living on cigarettes and chardonnay) Coulter will tell you, our ex-president is basically a 4th spoke in the Axis of Evil.

The basic case he was trying to make was that Clinton could have obtained Osama bin Laden from Sudan in 1996, but didn’t do so (according to Clinton) because he didn’t have a legal justification to do so at the time. Sean then scraps together some bits and pieces of news to show that Clinton was completely irresponsible for not going after OBL then.

Where Sean’s argument really falls apart is when look at all of the justifiable information we had to justify capturing or killing Bin Laden by the end of the 1990’s, yet there is no evidence that the Bush administration took any steps to do anything about it until they finally settled on a 3 year plan to do so . . . on September 4th, 2001.

The proposals Clarke developed in the winter of 2000-01 were not given another hearing by top decision makers until late April, and then spent another four months making their laborious way through the bureaucracy before they were readied for approval by President Bush. Time Sunday, Aug. 04, 2002

Yes, it’s unfortunate that Clinton wasn’t able to do more about the pending terrorist threats this country faced. Maybe if he wasn’t spending so much time defending himself against frivolous independent council witch hunt investigations he would have been more focused? (After seven years and better than $65 million spent on investigating every aspect of former President Bill Clinton’s post-zygote existence, Independent Council and rumored Republican senatorial candidate Robert Ray announced Wednesday that his office had evidence that Clinton lied about sex.)

Maybe the FBI could have done a better job tracking the 9-11 terrorists who were living in this country if they weren’t assigned to investigate dress stains? (Tripp briefed Jones’s lawyers on her conversations with Monica Lewinsky, which were electronically monitored by the FBI under the direction of Starr’s office.)

Sean’s really in a tough position having to fill so much hot-air time defending the indefensible on both radio & TV. Good luck.

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