Republican Infighting in Iowa

More Republican infighting. This time coming from a Senator from Iowa.

Republicans don’t like it when you lie to them about how much government programs are going to cost.

If your own party can’t trust you, do you really stand a chance of remaining in power?

Yahoo! News – Official Says He Was Told to Withhold Medicare Data: “Yesterday, congressional Democrats called for an ethics investigation and dispatched a bitter letter to President Bush (news – web sites), who frequently cites the new Medicare law as one of his proudest domestic accomplishments. Senate Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) demanded a new vote on the measure, which barely passed the House and Senate, saying that ‘members of Congress were called to vote under false pretenses.’
A Republican who helped forge the law, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (Iowa), joined in the criticism. He said, ‘Government analysts with relevant information should never be muzzled.'”

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