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Staff Sgt. Isaac Day Things $100 Billion Justified

That’s right, Isaac Day. It turns out that with $100 Billion and 100,000+ troops, we can track down a man without weapons of mass destruction.

Has anyone seen Osama bin Laden lately? That guy actually did attack us and we can’t find him. Is there less oil on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border than in Iraq or something?

What’s the latest on capturing the person who killed people on the East Coast by sending Anthrax through the mail? Now that person definitely has WMD’s, and they’re already in this country. Here’s a theory. If Bush is somehow reelected, I think he’ll send our troops and Haliburton after the Anthrax killer based on the latest intelligence provided to the White House. He’s clearly hiding in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and those oil fields need to be liberated.

Yahoo! News – Saddam’s Capture Justifies War for Some: “For Staff Sgt. Isaac Day and many other American soldiers serving here, ridding Iraq (news – web sites) of Saddam Hussein (news – web sites) made the war worthwhile � regardless of whether anyone ever finds weapons of mass destruction. “

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